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Alpacas have been around for centuries in South America. The ones in the United States originate from Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. Their native habitat is high in the Andes mountains. The first alpacas arrived from Chile and then from Bolivia, finally they were imported from Peru. The Alpaca Registry in the United States has been closed since 1998. Included in the camelid family in South America is the Vicuna, Alpaca, Llama, and Guanaco. The main inportations were first of Llama and then in 1984 the Alpaca started being imported.

Other then the Vicuna, the Alpaca possess the finest fleece of the South American Camelids. The Alpaca fleece was used in the clothing for royalty in the ancient Inca civilization. Later the farmers in the mountains raised the alpaca so they could make themselves light warm clothing.

The two types of alpacas are the Huacaya (their fleece is crimpy and they look like teddy bears) and the Suri (with fleece that hangs in ringlets down the sides of their bodies. We raise only the Huacaya.  The majority of Alpacas in the United States are the Huacaya.

When looking for Alpacas be sure they are registered with the Alpaca Registry thus you can be a sured of their parentage. All Alpacas registered have to have been DNA checked and their parents must be in the registry. To be able to enter any of the shows the registration is a pre-requisist.

Your best places for information is from breeders who have been in the business for a while and the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.(www.alpacainfo.com) The association has a library with lots of information available and the older breeders have a lot of experience with day to day occurances with the alpacas.  You will want to buy the Alpaca that you like and have the qualities you are looking to add to your farm.

We welcome inquiries and farm visits to help educate you about these wonderful animals.


We offer before and after sales help. If requested there is advice on the day to day care, fencing, shelter, water, heat,fiber, and breeding. We are here to help you with your farm anyway you need.

We welcome farm visits, emails, and phone calls because we love talking about our wonderful Alpacas.

We have a herd of many colors ranging from herd sires, junior herd sires, bred females, maiden females, and fiber males. All of our animals are halter broke and BVD free. All have been micro-chipped for identification and our farm has acquired our farm ID through the state of North Carolina.

We have medical records for you when you purchase from us.

We sell by cash or finance with 25% down. Financing is available up to 48 months. Full mortality insurance is required on any financed alpacas naming us as loss payee. There are also package pricing available.

We are willing to also help you with transportation arrangements.

Our alpacas are shown and entered in fleece competitions. We do fiber histograms on the alpacas for sale. These are available for your inspection.

We having been raising Huacayas for 18+ years and will share our knowledge with you.


We have added a comment email so you can tell us what you like and do not like about the site so we can make changes to better help those interested in Alpacas.

There is now a virtual Farm Store on our site please visit and find the alpaca products or fiber items you want.  We accept pay-pal payments along with checks and money orders.  This feature is brand new and we will be enhancing it in the future. We will be adding new American made items as they become available. So check back often.

Please visit our Alpacas for Sale Pages.

Please visit our photo album to visit with some of the Alpacas.

We want to introduce you to our Alpacas and hope to become friends. In this industry friends are life time friends. We all have a common goal of introducing the general public to this life style and products from their wonderful fleece. Alpacas are very gentle on the enviroment and their fiber is hypo-allergetic.  This is an American market not yet fueled.

Hope you take time to learn about us and our Alpacas.


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